Morning report 7/18/17

Thanks to Ann Robinson and cardiologist, Dr. Barbant, we learned some high-yield tid-bits about ACS! Here is the summary:

  1. History is everything! How do you distinguish the unstable vs stable angina?
    • Is the CP relieved with rest? -> it’s stable.
  2. What other tests are needed to differentiate unstable angina/NSTEMI from STEMI?
    • Troponin: if elevated will point to NSTEMI or STEMI
    • EKG: if there are ST-segment depressions more likely NSTEMI, if ST-elevations are present then more likely STEMI
  3. How do we initially risk stratify patients with UA/NSTEMI?
    • TIMI score: 14day risk of MI or ongoing ischemia
    • HEART score (ED uses this one): Histroy, EKG, Age, Risk factors, Troponin. Risk of mortality of cardiac cause over 10years.
  4. In patients with low risk, how do we further risk stratify patients?
    • Cardiac stress test! It is important to know what the indications and contraindications are for each of the stress tests.

stress test

stress test 2




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