Month: July 2017

Morning report 7/20/17

Morning report 7/20/17

37 year-old male who, 48 hours after a GI illness, developed fixed, dilated pupils, dysphagia, and bilateral ptosis, with progression to neuromuscular hypercapnic respiratory failure. Diagnosis: foodborne botulism. Teaching points: Botulism toxin blocks Ach release at presynaptic neurons and at the NMJ = motor and endocrine symptoms Foodborne botslism presents with: GI prodrome à 12-36 … Continue reading Morning report 7/20/17


Morning report 7/18/17

Thanks to Ann Robinson and cardiologist, Dr. Barbant, we learned some high-yield tid-bits about ACS! Here is the summary: History is everything! How do you distinguish the unstable vs stable angina? Is the CP relieved with rest? -> it's stable. What other tests are needed to differentiate unstable angina/NSTEMI from STEMI? Troponin: if elevated will … Continue reading Morning report 7/18/17